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Odishi Dance

Silpika Providing Our Super Class Odishi Dance Training at Bhubaneswar

Odishi dance originated in the temples of Orissa, India more than 2000 years ago. The dance was traditionally practiced and performed as a sacred ritual to ignite transformation in the dancer and audience. Considered both a classical and devotional dance form, Odissi is graceful and sensuous, expressive and sophisticated. The Dance exquisitely portrays the beauty of the sacred feminine, and reflects the ancient spiritual motifs of India’s great tantric temples.
Odishi has undergone major transformations throughout the centuries. In recent times the Dance has made a quantum leap from the temples and courts of India to the stages and theaters of the world. In its’ modern incarnation, Odissi Dance is highly technical, featuring intense footwork, elaborate hand gestures, and captivating upper body movements.
Amid the changes and evolution of Odissi, the Dance has preserved its devotional roots and maintained its spiritual depth. To witness a performance of Odissi Dance is to enter the place where heaven and earth touch, where the sensual and the spiritual are one in the depths of the human heart.